Wednesday, June 9, 2010

blog udpate #2

i was shock by just blog hopping one night i got the qouta of hits i wanted. Thanks God! :) i'm inlove with my blogger account now. at first i hesitate to be active on a blogger account. but now i totally change my mind!

the flag counter i put up is so amazing. seen other people hopping too on my blog. love it.

i now have 3 flags. yipee. and 105 hits as of 11:31am today. i think it not too bad for a beginner here in blogger.

im really hoping to see more bloggers to drop by to see my account. maybe in a few months i will be able to manage this account well. and manage to post entries that entertaining to my fellow filipino's and of other nations. wow. (just dreaming) haha!

guys a big thanks for the help i love you all.. :)


  1. same here. ganyan din ako. baguhan lang din po ako sa pagba-blog. 7mos. pa lang ako sa blogosperyo.. goodluck saten. :)

  2. gudluk frend kaya mo yan.. mag blog hopping ka lang ng madalas.. :) matagal na rin ako ngboblog e. kaya lang ngayon na lang ako uli naging active ala kasi pumapasok sa utak ko. hahaha