Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DIY: Wooden Necklace Organizer

Hello guys im here again.. I wanted to share to you a very cheap DIY Necklace organizer. As I browse to different DIY organizer i came across to a necklace organizer made of wood and stones. If was so beautiful. So I decided to look for the materials in our garage and there I fond some pieces of the nesting box for my lovebirds. Yallah.. and then i started to think on how to cover up the dirty old wood. And luckily i found some paint under the cabinet. The paint is spare of my cousin when she recolor her room into blue. I dont have any color of paint so instead of stone or gems. I put some pins in the wood. Yeah but a much bigger push pins. Color black and white. And then I just draw some hearts, flowers, and dotted lines using my black sharpie. :) 

Here is the finish product. Until now i dont know where will i hang it. :) 

So next time explore more and create an amazing things in a cheaper way. 
Enjoy expollring possiblities :) 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cucumber Salad with Vinegar

I'm craving for a salad today. So i decided to make one.

It only take less than 10 minutes to prepare.

All we need to prepare are as follows:

1 Cucumber (green or white)
2 Tomatoes medium size
1 Onion medium size
Ground Black Pepper


Peal the cucumber, onion cut it or slice it what ever you desire. Slice the tomatoes.

Mix the cucumber, onion, tomatoes in a bowl.

Add vinegar maybe about 7 tablespoon of it. Put ground black pepper and sugar to taste.

Mix well and chill for a bit and serve.

Enjoy your very own #cucumbersaladwithvinegar

Friday, April 8, 2016

New Theme Layout

Mag 6 years ang akin munting tahanan sa blogging world so deserve na niyang magkaroon ng bagong mukha. hehe. finally, naisipan ko ng palitan ang theme niya. Too girly ba? pasensiya na. :)

Madaming aabangan ngayong taon dahil magiging active nanaman ako sa mundo ng blogging!
Samahan niyo po ako sa aking paglalakbay. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

DIY: Box Organizer Power Plug Cover Switch Cover

One step at a time oh yeah.. I did 3 D.I.Y project for my room improvement decoration.


Few years ago there was an ordinance not to use plastic bags in supermarket. I got this box from the supermarket. And I cover it with my desired wrapping paper I just bought in a local supply store near us. Is it cute? 

And for the power plug I just remove the and wrap the wrapping paper on if. I use double sided tape to secure the edges. 

Same as I did in the power plug. 

Enjoy making yours now. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Food for the SOUL

Good Morning beautiful people.
I dont think I am a giver. But for those people who knows me they will definitely say I am. Maybe it was just i feel that im not a giver. I frequently give maybe when your worthied only. So I can say that im not really a generous giver. Because I choose whom to give. But God wants us not just give something. Giving with a heart ia more pleasing to God. 

Lord teacher me how to give with a heart of you in it. Amen. 

Just now

In line with my preparation for my room tour 2016. Here I am cleaning segregating some stuff. I dont know i can really make a room tour. I dont have a very huge room to brag at. I only have a humble room that everyone is welcome to peak. :) 
This past few ive been a cleaning addict! I dont know why. Is it because of stress? Haha.. 

Guys look at this picture. Is it nice? Soon i know i can have a small house in pampanga. Im just wishing for my deped application as a teacher I. The waiting game is stressful.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bringing back my life

This is my room looks like rightnow. Im thinking of making a #roomtour video. But with this view of my room I dont think it will be a good video to watch. Right? Im currently searching in the internet ways on how I can re-decorate my room even with limited money on my pocket. Ive been watching tutorials on organization and also D.I.Y. stuffs. I love D.I.Y. 

Stay tuned on my blog as i re decorate my small haven on earth. My comfort zone. 

Boredom Strike Part 2

Yalah fellas! Arrrgh.. yes boredom strikes again in my veins. Last time I wash the dining area cabinet. I almost spend half day washing every single plates and saucers inside.

Now my boredom leveled up. I cleaned the much bigger glassware cabinet, hanging in the kitchen area. Yeah it has so many stuff in it. It took me almost 1 whole day to wash every pieces. Well its not in a continious basis of washing ofcourse with a side trip of sound triping, eating, watching tv and attending to the needs of my uncle Yasunori. His a bit sick today.

Here is the whole glassware cabinet I cleaned.
 And now here is the detailed view of all the glassware I have. Be it small or big. While cleaning I wonder, how did my tita got this all. Some of the glasswares are old not far from my age and I admit some are antiques already. Am I lucky to have them? Haha.. In our house in pampanga we also have a lot of glasswares. The newer glasswares are tranfered there. Those kitchenware and glassware that came from Japan.