Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentines 2014

 I thought everything will be just normal when February 14 comes. Expecting nothing from someone. I already accept the reality that no man would give me a 1 dozen of red roses, chocolates, and stuff toys.

Before, Valentines day came. My brother ask a favor from me to buy him a blue bear and a blue rose for her special someone. So I agree, I know it would be a big help for him and also to cheer the heart of her princess. Several days after my friend who happen to work in United Arab Emirates personal message me over facebook and also ask a small favor to buy my dear friend wheng flowers and have them delivered in the school where she teach. And also bought some chocolates for her mother and titas. I was been an instant "CUPID on VALENTINES DAY". Was very thankful to do the favors.

Ms.Wheng with her flowers

Rhedge with "burnik" and me

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