Monday, April 4, 2016

Boredom Strike Part 2

Yalah fellas! Arrrgh.. yes boredom strikes again in my veins. Last time I wash the dining area cabinet. I almost spend half day washing every single plates and saucers inside.

Now my boredom leveled up. I cleaned the much bigger glassware cabinet, hanging in the kitchen area. Yeah it has so many stuff in it. It took me almost 1 whole day to wash every pieces. Well its not in a continious basis of washing ofcourse with a side trip of sound triping, eating, watching tv and attending to the needs of my uncle Yasunori. His a bit sick today.

Here is the whole glassware cabinet I cleaned.
 And now here is the detailed view of all the glassware I have. Be it small or big. While cleaning I wonder, how did my tita got this all. Some of the glasswares are old not far from my age and I admit some are antiques already. Am I lucky to have them? Haha.. In our house in pampanga we also have a lot of glasswares. The newer glasswares are tranfered there. Those kitchenware and glassware that came from Japan.

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