Sunday, July 11, 2010


cousin of mine dropped by one day in the house and give this book to me. knowing that I read books a lot and i love birds. she did gave me one! i've read it cover to cover. that's how i am addicted to birds! my cousin is working in a local bookstore in robinson's cainta. that's why she have some privillages to get some books in the bookstore for free.

thanks a lot Shamira Dela Cruz!


  1. nakakita n ako ng parakeet ang cute nila nkkgigil hehe...

  2. ^_^ kwentohan m n lng kmi pagkatapos mo mabasa ang lahat sa book ha nx

  3. @jag sisimula ka nanaman ha! hehe..

    @kikilabtz ammm.. pag isipan ko po. :)