Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life is Beautiful

Sana lang matapos ko ito ng maayos! feeling ko maganda tong challenge na ito. Lets see. :) one at a time ko ito gagawin. slowly while posting mas makikilala ninyo ako ng maige. :)

a picture of Me a year ago and today
Ola.. wala namang nagbago ata physically? kung meron mang alam ko na nagbago siguro yung pag iisip ko. Naging mature enough ako na harapin ang buhay siguro dahil sa pagkakataon. Natuto akong maging mas matatag. Harapin ang araw araw na masaya kahit na gaano kahirap. Naman kasi talaga ang dapat eh.

My Favorite Qoute with my own handwriting
My Inspiration
He is the one who knows me well more than anyone else. I call him #superman because of his extraordinary love for me.

Thing that I love about Myself the Most

If there is one? my BODY.. oh yeah! baby.. People finds me sexy! :) There are times I agree with them. Its one of my greatest asset I guess? hehe.. see for yourself. :p   

Something I ate Today

My Hairstyle Today
Shoulder length hair.. I hate it already if only I could choose. Hehe! I want a short hair.. My bf wont like me to cut my hair. 

Ten Words that Describes ME

My Bestfriend

Without Makeup and With Makeup

My Favorite Clothing

Summer Memory

Message to my Followers
To all the people who still follows me inspite of a stagnant blog 😜 thank you.. My blog still survived! You have waited patiently in every post i make.. 

Song Means A Lot to Me

Something that Makes my Life Worth Living

My Favorite Blog and Why I Love it

My Room

My Eyes

My Haik

My American Dream 

My Drawn Picture of Me when my eyes are close

My Dream House

5 Special facts about yourself

First thing that comes into my mind when i woke up

short funny story that happen recently

a picture of your smile

something that you are proud of

a place you want to visit and why

10 things you want to do before you die

a message from you to every beautiful people out there


  1. sir glen wala pa din ako nagawa ni isa dahil busy sa school :D